Trish: Left Launches Fresh Attack on Melania, and It’s Insane

“Mask up, Melania!” shouts the leftist media.

Melania Trump has managed to drive the left insane (again) because she dared to take her mask off, while remaining socially distant, in order to read to some children at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC on Tuesday.

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Judging from the left’s reaction, you’d think she was actually trying to hurt the kids! Indeed, one blog reported that, “Melania Trump Doesn’t Really Care About Hospitalized Children, Do You?”

According to the media, “Not only did Trump break hospital rules, but she broke city rules as well. Washington D.C. is currently experiencing a record surge in COVID-19 cases, and requires people wear masks in enclosed spaces. And while she practiced social distancing, according to CNN, the hospital’s policy specifically asks visitors to wear a mask at all times for the safety of its patients and to prevent the spread of coronavirus.” For good measure, the media reports, “Just to make extra clear: She went maskless at a hospital for children.”

This is INSANE as I point out in today’s podcast (subscribe for free here!) 

The reality is: there is only one view out there. It’s the only view that’s allowed. But, it’s a double standard. Had Michelle Obama removed her mask to read to children, while still practicing social distancing as Melania did, the left would have acclaimed her saying, how kind she was to want to show them her face when she read. But, when Melania Trump does this, it’s a problem.

This is just getting silly. And, honestly, it’s exhausting keeping up with the attacks.


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