Liz Cheney: Swalwell is a ‘National Security Hazard’

“We watched [Pelosi] again and again treat her responsibility over the Intelligence Committee with something less than seriousness,” said Rep. Liz Cheney on “Fox and Friends” on Wednesday.

“At this moment where we face grave national security threats. Not only has she let Congressman [Eric] Swalwell stay on that committee, not taken action, she diverted the attention of that committee for months and months and months onto impeachment instead of being focused on the threat from China, the threat of the coronavirus,” continued Cheney.

“The National Defense Authorization Act is so critically important. It has really important language in it that helps to protect against Chinese industrial espionage, helps us to be much more independent, our supply chains, and to protect our bases from the threat of Chinese espionage. We really need to make sure across the board we’re defending ourselves,” said Cheney.

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“The coronavirus – the extent to which [the Chinese Communist Party] caused it to be spread around the world – has really shone a spotlight on the nature of that regime, and has really focused the attention of, not just people in the United States but our allies around the world, on the threat that they pose and how important it is we protect ourselves by moving supply chains, by ending our dependence on the Chinese government,” followed Cheney.

“We have got to stand up against [the Chinese Communist Party], America has to lead the way.”

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