Marco Rubio: ‘What’s Happening in Cuba Is Socialism Has Failed’

Watch Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio:

“There is no economy, there is no real economy in Cuba. Give up your freedom and you’ll have an education, free education for everybody. That education — number one, you’re a doctor, you can drive a taxi cab in Cuba and make more money. Or number two, you get sent, forced to go overseas and work basically on slave wages, no pay, barely any pay at all. It’s basically human trafficking. As our own Department of State found when it looked at the Cuban doctors program and how it’s been abused. And so what’s happened in Cuba is socialism has failed. It has to repress the people who complain about it. You don’t get your freedom back, and like socialists always do, they have to find someone to blame. And who do they blame? Number one, they blame anybody in the country that doesn’t agree with them, you’re immediately a counterrevolutionary, you’re immediately a pawn of the imperialists. And then, of course, they always blame the United States. The problem in Cuba for the regime is the people aren’t falling for those lies anymore. They’re not.”

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