Masks Are Like MAGA Hats For Democrats – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is calling out of the most controversial issues related to the pandemic–masks.

“I don’t even know if they work,” Rogan said during his show this week. “Masks are like the Democrats’ MAGA hat,” Rogan said.

Masks And Pollution

On his show, Joe Rogan hosted world-famous surfer Shane Dorian on “The Joe Rogan Experience“.

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The discussion covered many topics, ranging from art and NFTs to stem cells and healing injuries.

Dorian claimed the pandemic is producing a surge in human pollution. At one point, Dorian mentioned that large sharks were changing their migration patterns. Rogan wondered if masks were the cause of that.

“Do we blame people? How many f***ing masks are making their way into the ocean? People are throwing out those god damn masks everywhere. I see masks everywhere I go! I see them in the gutter, in front of garbage cans…they are in the ocean guaranteed,” he said.

After those remarks, Rogan’s crew quickly found statistics on mask pollution. In 2020, some 1.6 billion masks made their way to the ocean.

‘Do Mask Even Work?’

Rogan said he was unsure if masks even work, commenting they maybe only stop spittle. In turn, Dorian replied, “We know they don’t work.”

Afterward, the crew wondered how much time the masks need to decompose. It turns out that it takes 450 years for masks to fully decompose.

The estimate appalled Rogan and made him go on a tirade against their supporters.

Masks are like the Democrats’ MAGA hat,” he said.

Dorian replied by stating that people wear masks to make each other feel better. Rogan agreed, stating that that’s the only “logical” reason to wear them.

“I am fine with wearing it if it relaxes people and makes them feel better. But if people want to actually argue that they do something, it just doesn’t make any sense,” he said.

“I just feel like it’s one of those things we accepted early on and now we are just pretending it is somehow another protective. But, at the end of the day, it’s really just a piece of paper over your mouth and you are breathing perfectly through it. So how does that work?” he added.

In turn, Dorian said that the masks are just a mental reminder we are still in a pandemic.


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