McCabe: Far-Right Extremist Groups A Real Threat In America

“That is the pool, the groundswell of ideology and grievance and violence from which all of these movements pull from and use as their motivation,” former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe told CNN on Wednesday.

“I should say that the events on January 6th are really ringing in the ears of these extremists as an incredibly inspiring event. So the fact that they were able to take the Capitol and cause that kind of mayhem and chaos has really kind of put some air behind the sails of these groups and the folks that would pursue violence from within them. I think the question for us, Wolf, tonight is why now? Where has this warning been for the last several months? Honestly, for the last couple of years? Because these groups and this discontent and this threat has been growing right beneath our nose. We just see DHS and our law enforcement and intelligence infrastructure acknowledging it publicly now. I think there’s a good question as to why they waited so long.”

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