McCarthy Releases New Plan to Tackle Big Tech – As Court Tosses Case Against Facebook

Conservatives say that have been suffering censorship and persecution from big tech for years. Now, with the FTC’s antitrust complaint against Facebook just dismissed, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., released a new plan to tackle big tech.

The plan points to several examples of big tech targeting conservatives, such as when Google allowed search results for California Republicans to bring up results about Nazis.

“Today’s Big Tech behemoths were once the gold standard of entrepreneurism and innovation,” the plan reads.

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“They took on incumbents, created new services, and transformed what our economy looks like today. Innovation and competition is what makes a free economy stronger, and ultimately, our lives better. But Big Tech’s idea of competition today is corrupted,” he writes.

“Big Tech wants higher corporate taxes because companies like Amazon know it’s the entrepreneurs and disruptors who will have to pay more to try to compete. Apple, Google, and Amazon use their platforms to tip the scales towards higher fees and their growing product lines. And just about every big technology company has experience copying products or businesses they are unable to acquire.”


Other examples include conservatives being shadow-banned or outright banned on Facebook and Twitter. The Trump administration began the antitrust litigation process against Google last year.

“Our framework also recognizes that the status quo and bureaucratic delays are not acceptable when it comes to bringing long-overdue antitrust scrutiny to Big Tech,” the plan reads. “We will provide an expedited court process with direct appeal to the Supreme Court and empower state attorneys general to help lead the charge against the tech giants to break them up. We will also reform the administrative state and remove impediments that delay taking action on Big Tech power.”

McCarthy called for Congressional action, pointing to accountability, transparency, and anti-trust action.

“Our framework would empower Americans by ending Big Tech’s ability to hide behind vague terms of service that have not constrained their conduct in any meaningful way,” the plan reads. “We will do so by mandating that any Big Tech content moderation decisions or censorship must be listed, with specificity, on a publicly available website. In addition, by requiring Big Tech to implement and maintain a reasonable user-friendly appeals process, our plan will empower conservatives and others whose speech rights have been infringed to challenge Big Tech’s attacks.”

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