Media Lays Groundwork Echoing “Biden Must Not Concede, Under Any Circumstances!”

“Trump thinks he’d be untouchable in second term,” reads the headline on the left-leaning news conglomerate that is CNN. They continue writing, “The President’s willingness to cross ethical lines so boldly was a sure sign that his shocking presidency enjoys the most impunity.”

Interesting take given that it was President Barack Obama’s intelligence operation that, literally, spied on the Trump campaign and yet, still, no one has been appropriately punished.

It’s rather remarkable. But, most remarkable is the storyline that is being perpetuated in the main stream media that the President thinks he’d be untouchable in a second term…and may possibly try to “steal” the election to secure that second term.

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Yet, it Hillary Clinton that told her former Communications director this week that, “Biden should not concede under any circumstances.” Clinton told her former staffer in an interview on Showtime’s the Circus. “I think this [the election] is going to drag out and I do believe he’ll win if we don’t give an inch.”


Meanwhile, one thing that is clear: Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and the Dems will have the support of the media which means this November could prove extraordinarily difficult. Constitutional Crisis here we come…?

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