Mick Mulvaney: Trump’s Legal Team Not Serious, Mostly Run As A PR Campaign

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo asked Mick Mulvaney about his thoughts on the last attempt from Trump’s legal team to challenge Pennsylvania results at the Supreme Court.

“This suit is asserting that several decisions by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on absentee voting were unconstitutional… could this be a potential win for President Trump?” asked Bartiromo.

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“No one’s been impressed with the results of the legal team,” responded Mulvaney. “Up till now, it’s been run mostly as a PR campaign. It seems not a serious legal inquiry.”

“The best way at this point for the president to make sure we finally find out what happened in the election in 2020 is to win the Senate in Georgia,” continued Mulvaney. “Because if the Democrats take control of the Senate, then there’ll be no opportunity at all to do any investigations after January 20th.”

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