Millennials Or Boomers? Survey Shows Who Plans To Tip The Most This Holiday Season

A new survey shows who receives the highest tips in the U.S. and which generation plans to be most generous.

A newly released survey shows that Generation Z plans to tip more this holiday season.

“And, according to a new poll, U.S. adults plan to tip service providers at least $20 and up to $50 on average. Many said they would tip more than they usually do because it’s the holidays,” the survey said. “Gen Zers were the largest group to say they’d tip more (51%), followed by millennials (48%), Gen Xers (43%) and baby boomers (42%).”

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Unless the Omicron variant intervenes, many Americans are returning back to normal after the shutdowns of the COVID era, which means more tips for local workers.

From the survey:

  • Lots of providers will get extra. Of the 27% who said they would tip mail carriers more, the median amount reported was $20, while 19% said they’d tip trash collectors more ($20), 41% plan to tip teachers more ($25), 36% would give a landscaper more ($30), and 41% and 47% would give a childcare provider or housekeeper more ($50 for both), respectively.
  • Waitstaff for the win. Of the 45% of U.S. adults who said they would give bigger-than-usual tips during the holidays to at least one type of service provider, 27% said they’d tip waitstaff more, 19% said hairstylist or barber, 16% said food delivery person, 10% said bartender and 9% said coffee shop barista.
  • Shop locally. Almost nine out of 10 U.S. adults surveyed (87%) said they believe it’s important to shop locally as a way to support small businesses, including 93% of boomers, 88% of Gen Xers, 82% of millennials and 80% of Gen Zers. Additionally, women (90%) were more likely than men (84%) to say shopping locally is important.

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