Mitch McConnell: Lefties Created ‘Fake Outrage’ To Justify Elections Takeover

Democrats have threatened to nuke the filibuster and accused Republicans of racism for opposing their voting legislation, but those claims are taking heavy criticism.

Opponents of the law say it will lead to a major federal takeover of state elections.

“Only 33% of Americans say it’s currently too hard for eligible voters to vote. A larger number actually say the current laws are too loose!” Republican Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell said in a speech from the Senate floor. “The American people are not buying the nonsensical talk of ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ or a voting rights crisis. Everybody apart from far-left activists and the press understands this emperor has no clothes. A few months ago, even voters in blue New York rejected multiple ballot measures to soften up election laws the way liberal activists want.”

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He went on to say Democrats have created fake outrage to justify their takeover.

“This fake outrage is just a predicate for Washington Democrats to do something they have sought for years: Appoint themselves a nationwide board of elections on steroids,” he said. “This is a takeover that Democrats have sought for multiple years, using multiple different justifications. It’s not a ‘voting rights’ bill. It is a sprawling, sweeping takeover of our democracy.

Ballot harvesting is one particularly controversial element of the Democratic plan, which incentivized parties to collect ballot and leads to more voter fraud.

“Our colleagues’ bills would do things like forcing all 50 states to legalize corrupt ballot harvesting,” McConnell said. “They’d have the government send public funds directly to political campaigns. The same Attorney General who has frivolously sued Texas just to placate the White House, whose Department of Justice tries to intimidate parents, would be handed new power to micromanage election law. Some early drafts of this bill tried to literally, openly turn the Federal Election Commission into an outright partisan body. Talk about tipping your hand.”

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