Two New Former Cuomo Aides Accuse the NY Governor of Misconduct

Two additional former aides to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo came forward Saturday with more accusations of sexual misconduct.

Karen Hinton, a former Cuomo press aide, told The Washington Post that Cuomo asked her to come to his “dimly lit” hotel room and embraced her time after work events in 2000.

The Director of Cuomo’s communications team, Peter Arjemian, firmly denied the accusations however, telling the Post that, “this did not happen. Karen Hinton is a known antagonist of the Governor’s who is attempting to take advantage of this moment to score cheap points with made up allegations from 21 years ago.”

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In addition, another aide Anna Liss came forward alleging that the governor acted inappropriately with her when she worked as an operations aide from 2013 to 2015. The governor, she alleges, touched her on the her back and kissed her hand as she rose from her desk. She told the Wall Street Journal that though she initially believed Cuomo’s conduct was harmless flirtations, over time, she saw it as patronizing. She said she believed it diminished her from and education profession to “just a skirt.”

“It’s not appropriate, really, in any setting,” said Less.

A Cuomo spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal, in response to Liss’s accusations, that “reporters and photographers have covered the governor for 14 years watching him kiss mean and women and posing for pictures. That’s what people in politics do.”

There are growing calls for Andrew Cuomo to resign from his position as governor, not just because of the harassment allegations against him but because his team allegedly hid the real number of nursing home deaths in the state of New York in an effort to avoid an investigation.


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