MSNBC To Fire Leftist Joy Reid?

Twitter is brewing over a report that Comcast insiders are allegedly pushing anchor Joy Reid out. According to one reporter with sources at Comcast, Reid will lose her 7 PM show on MSNBC in a new round of reshuffling at MSNBC and will not get a new show come Spring.

The report was first broken by journalist and president of News Cycle Media Jon Nicosia. Nicosia was formerly an editor for the Washington Examiner.

According to Nicosia, Comcast (the company that owns MSNBC) is expected to reveal its decision soon. He predicts they will cite low rating as a reason for canceling the “ReidOut.”

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Nicosia continued writing that, sources say that many in the company that Reid has worn about her welcome because Reid has become “unmanageable” and has been “less than truthful about past incidents.”

Some have suggested that her ratings have suffered due to her extreme politics. During the Kyle Rittenhosue trial, Reid went on a bizarre rant about “white male tears.”

Earlier, Joy Reid caught herself in a Twitter fight with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who called her “lack of Joy Reid.”

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