Musk Defends Joe Rogan, Trashes Mainstream Media

Elon Musk went on a Twitter rampage against the mainstream media once again, this time defending podcast host Joe Rogan.

The former MMA fighter Joe Rogan recently came under fire due to his choice of guests. His Joe Rogan Experience hosted a few guests which don’t align with the mainstream view on vaccines or the pandemic.

Specifically, the podcast episode with doctor Robert Mallone. Mallone is an early contributor to mRNA vaccine technology-turned vaccine skeptic.

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The outrage over Rogan’s show also affected his platform, Spotify. As a result of it, two popular musicians, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, ended up boycotting the platform.

However, Rogan also has a few heavyweights on his side. Besides Spotify, many influential entrepreneurs support Rogan’s right to free speech. Most notably, Elon Musk.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk often expresses his views with memes on Twitter. On Monday, he responded to a Tweet by another tech entrepreneur, Lex Friedman, who also hosts an influential podcast.

Musk shared a meme that’s critical of Neil Young’s Spotify boycott. The rock&roll icon recently took down his music from Spotify, refusing to be on the same platform as Rogan.

Musk Defends Rogan

Musk, a critic of pandemic restrictions himself, went on to defend Rogan against mainstream media attacks.

First, he reacted to an article from a satirical website Babylon Bee. The title of the article writes “Entire Establishment Threatened By Comedian Who Gets High And Talks About MMA And Aliens.”

Then, he pointed to one of his earlier tweets in which he tries to explain why the mainstream media is losing.

This is not the first time Musk defended Rogan. In January, the tech CEO celebrated Joe Rogan’s success and mainstream media’s downfall. He suggested that “decades of blatant lies” destroyed all of their credibility.

Joe Rogan’s Ratings Crush Mainstream Media

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