Trish Regan: My Favorite Christmas Decorations

Life seems a little slower these days and it’s giving us all a chance to reflect and remember what’s really important; family. I’m grateful to have my family around me and love spending my evenings making dinner with the kids and snuggling by the fire. This year, more than ever, I love decorating our home. Here’s a quick tour of some of the things I like this December:

Christmas Fairy Lights

Garland above the fireplace accented by crystal tea lights

Christmas fairy lights adorn the garland on the mantle above the fireplace. I like these because they’re battery operated. I used the same fairy lights on the wreath below. They can be operated by remote control and can repurposed in small lanterns outside in the summer.

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I also love these two small Waterford Crystal votives which sit on each side of my floral arrangement above the fireplace. Waterford holds a special significance for me given its Irish roots. I like to fill the votives them with water and put floating candles inside since, this way, I don’t worry about the candle wax sticking to the sides of the crystal.

Silver Mercury Glass Christmas Tree 

This mercury glass Christmas tree sculpture is elegant and add a touch of clean, modern flair. This is silver but it also comes in gold and it can even be found with small lights inside which looks so pretty at night. The white cala lilies, believe it or not, are imitation! So, they live the ENTIRE YEAR on this front hall table. You’d never know and this way I don’t have to worry about replacing the water–nor do I worry about allergies for me and the kids.

Christmas Wreath  

I used more fairy Christmas lights on this door wreath above. They’re so light (with thin copper wiring) and the remote makes them easy to operate.

Christmas Garland For The Stairs

Battery operated LED lights twinkle on the garland at night

Growing up, we always had plenty of garland on the stairs. It was always fresh which seemed to result in pin needles all over the staircase on a daily basis! This is why–at least on the stairs–I prefer the artificial garland with small LED battery lights that are pre-set and ready to go. NO MESS. And, the imitation kind is so realistic you’d never know! Don’t forget to measure so that you have enough garland to swag generously along the stairs or entryway. Some have asked about the cherry blossoms in the front. Like the cala lilies, these are also not real. You can purchase them and mix and match them in a large vase.

To get that Christmas balsam smell in your front hall and throughout your home, opt for a soy candle with a pine scent. Illume makes my favorite. 

Now, if I could just finish the tree! Stay tuned.

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