New Poll Is Good News For Republicans

Newly released polling data is good news for Republicans and bad news for Democrats heading into November.


Monmouth University released the polling data, which showed Republicans have made significant gains in recent weeks.

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“Republicans have made slight gains in the public’s preference for party control of Congress since the summer,” the poll said. “Currently, 36% of Americans say they want the GOP in charge and another 11% have no initial preference but lean toward Republican control. Democratic control is preferred by 34% with another 10% leaning toward the Democrats. The combined 47% who choose Republican control is up from 43% in August, while the 44% support level for Democratic control is down from 50%.”

Economic issues are at the top of voters’ minds this election, and Republicans tend to have more trust from voters on that issue, compared to issues where Democrats are more trusted like health care.

“Democrats prioritize a fairly wide range of issues from climate change to abortion, while Republicans focus on a more limited set including inflation, crime, and immigration,” Monmouth said. “Independents, though, tend to hone in on one issue above all: rising prices. Further dampening Democrats’ prospects are the poor numbers President Joe Biden gets for his performance on the issues most important to independents.”

At the same time, President Joe Biden’s approval rating is only at 38%.

“The poll asked about the importance of 12 issue areas for the federal government to address,” the group said. “Those rated either extremely or very important by the largest number of Americans include inflation (82%), crime (72%), elections and voting (70%), jobs and unemployment (68%), and immigration (67%). The next tier of issue concerns includes transportation and energy infrastructure (57%), abortion (56%), racial inequality (53%), gun control (51%), and climate change (49%). The least important issues for federal government action right now are the Covid pandemic (32%) and student loan debt (31%).”

Republicans celebrated the polling data.

“Democrats’ harmful policies destroyed the American economy, which has clearly upset a lot of voters,” said Mike Berg, National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman.

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