New Stat May Be Bad News For Dems Come November

Newly released polling data shows voters, and in particular Independents, are not happy with the Democrat-led Congress.

Nothing Congress has done since last fall has improved their standing in the eyes of independent voters.


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“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 30% of Likely U.S. Voters believe their representative in Congress is the best possible person for the job,” the group said. “That’s down from 32% last September. Forty-two percent (42%) of voters now say their representative in Congress is not the best possible person for the job, and 28% are not sure.”

Notably, unaffiliated swing voters are not happy with the Democrat-led Congress.

“While 38% of Republicans and 48% of Democrats say their local congressional representative deserves reelection, only 30% of voters not affiliated with either major party share that view,” Rasmussen said. “Forty-four percent (47%) of unaffiliated voters say their local representative in Congress does not deserve to be reelected, a view shared by 43% of Republicans and 33% of Democrats. In September, 44% of unaffiliated voters felt their local Congress member didn’t deserve reelection.”

While many Republicans also reported dissatisfaction with their members, ultimately Democrats will likely take the lion’s share of the blame since they control both chambers and the White House. During the previous president’s first term in the White House, they saw midterm elections backlash against their presidency.

This poll comes on the heels of a different recent poll which found President Joe Biden has more than 60 percent disapproval from voters on crime, inflation, the economy, and immigration.

With new inflation numbers coming out Tuesday showing yet again the highest inflation in 40 years, those numbers may get even worse.

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