Nikki Haley Blasts Biden For Being Weak On China, Athletes Controversy

Nikki Haley blasted Biden Joe Biden for being weak on China, the latest in an ongoing controversy over the communist nation silencing athletes.

“No one should be the least bit surprised that China is threatening our athletes and warning them against criticizing their Communist government,” Haley told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “President Biden’s diplomatic boycott means nothing to a regime that’s imprisoning activists and committing genocide without consequences.”

“Our athletes are at risk, and yet we’ve heard nothing from the administration on what they plan to do to protect them,” she added.

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The controversy began after Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai said that she was allegedly sexually assaulted by China’s former Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, a claim that was later deleted from social media by the Chinese government. Many have been worried about Peng Shuai’s safety because of the allegations.

After that, the Biden administration sent a government representative to speak at an event for corporate lobbyists and Chinese officials without addressing the China’s treatment of the female tennis player who has become the center of controversy for China, a country known for its long list of human rights abuses.

Trish Regan has weighed in on the issue on her podcast:

“It was a pro-China lobbying group that was holding this big dinner, and Biden sends a top State Department official to keynote the address for the evening,” Trish said. “The group that wants China to get a free pass on all the human rights issues held this event. And it was effectively sort of sanctioned both by Corporate America, the NBA…And, of course, the Biden administration.”

Trish Regan went on to point out the female players’ association is doing more than even the president to stand up to China.

“Why doesn’t anybody out there have the ability to stand up to a country that is enslaving people that is suppressing speech?” Trish Regan said on her podcast Friday. “And who, by the way, wants to replace us as the number one’s world economy, by the way, they’ve made that very, very clear over and over again. The only one showing any kind of backbone in this entire situation right now happens to be the Women’s Tennis Association. So good for them, it would be nice. It would be nice if for once we could actually see Biden stand up, or maybe the NBA or maybe other parts of corporate America.”

Check out Trish Regan’s podcast HERE.


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