NY City Mayor Announces New Fines on Masks: While 9,000 of NY City Workers Will Be Furloughed

9,000 managerial and non-union municipal workers are getting furloughed for five days spread out over the next five months. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio shared the news during his daily briefing.

A total of 450 City Hall staffers will also go on furlough for five total days. They won’t be furloughed all at once, and the days off will be spread out to reduce the impact on workflow, according to de Blasio spokesman Bill Neidhardt.

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De Blasio says the move will save the city about $21 million. If the city can’t find a way to offset virus-related budget losses, officials have warned that more than 20,000 municipal employees may be laid off next month.

The Mayor also announced that due to an uptick in the number of coronavirus cases in New York City, people who refuse to wear a face mask after being offered one or reminded to put their own on are subject to a $1,000 fine.

“We saw good compliance,” de Blasio said. “When folks were encountered, when there was a discussion, we saw a very high level of compliance. No summonses were necessary yesterday.”

“There’s going to be a very rigorous inspection effort in those ZIP codes,” de Blasio said. “And we’re going to be looking carefully to make sure every restaurant is following the rules.”

400 NYPD officers, 250 enforcement officers, and 300 members of the Test and Trace Corps will work to make sure people in those neighborhoods wear masks and social distance.

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