NYC Clinic Under Investigation For Illegally Distributing Covid-19 Vaccine

Clinics in New York facing a criminal investigation following allegations they illegally distributed covid-19 vaccines, charging for them, while not following the state guidelines.

A Fox News reporting found out that ParCare Clinics started promoting in their social media availability of the vaccine, urging New Yorkers to go to to submit information or scan the barcode featured on its posters.

“It all seemed normal, no different than going to any other urgent care and everything was by the book,” said one of the vaccine recipients to Fox News, explaining that the clinic took some medical insurances for the shot, but not hers, charging her $150 out of pocket.

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New York Health Department (DOH) Commissioner Howard Zucker announced ParCare Community Health Network – with five locations in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan – was under criminal investigation.

“The State Department of Health has been made aware of reports that Parcare Community Health Network, an Orange County provider, may have fraudulently obtained COVID-19 vaccine, transferred it to facilities in other parts of the state in violation of state guidelines and diverted it to members of the public – contrary to the state’s plan to administer it first to frontline healthcare workers, as well as nursing home residents and staffers. We take this very seriously and DOH will be assisting State Police in a criminal investigation into this matter. Anyone found to have knowingly participated in this scheme will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” reads a statement from Zucker.

ParCare Group has meanwhile made a public statement saying that ” In an effort to fully cooperate with NYS DOH, Parcare has proactively returned its vaccines pending the Department’s review. We are confident the end result of that review will show that ParCare at all times exerted best efforts to comply with all NYS DOH requirements.”

“CDC and the State of New York guidelines are very clear, the vaccine at this stage is for healthcare, frontline, and emergency workers first,” said Dr. Marc Siegel, Professor of Medicine at NY University on Monday.

Dr. Siegel warned of existing Internet scams going on. “Over five hundred are under investigation of websites saying we got the vaccine to come to us, you know, and a lot of them are not for real, but they’re trying to charge money for a vaccine.”

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