Oregon Approves Medicaid for 110 Thousand Illegal Aliens

Oregon’s Democratic governor, Kate Brown, is expected to sign a bill passed by state lawmakers that would make illegal immigrants eligible for Medicaid.

Oregon’s State Senate on Saturday passed a bill, HB 335, that would make illegal immigrants in the state eligible for Medicaid-funded medical services. The bill was approved in the House 37-21 and it passed the Senate 17-11. There are an estimated 110,000 illegal immigrants in Oregon who would be covered by the program, which would cost an estimated $100 million in the next two years.

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Peter Lumaj, a Connecticut attorney said that “the bill is an insult to every American citizen to begin with, is an insult to everyone who came to United States legally.”

“What the Democrat Party is doing right now, they are promoting chaos, lawlessness and rewarding people who come to the United States illegally,” said Lumaj on “Fox and Friends First” on Monday.

“It’s a matter of fact, they’re enticing them to come over here. Oregon is not the only state that is providing benefits to illegals that are greater than the benefits that are provided to American citizens we provide. We have states providing sanctuary cities, driver’s licenses, in-state tuition for students who are illegal in the United States. And there are some cities actually, including New York City right now, that they are having discussions as to whether illegals should be allowed to vote in the United States. What is the point of being an American citizen any longer?”


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