Trish: Stocks Up As Fed Promises To Keep Interest Rates Near Zero

U.S. stock futures were up as the Fed reassured investors that it won't stop printing money any time soon. Gold strengthened and the dollar...

Home Depot Counters Organized Retail Crime With Bluetooth Tech

As retailers face a surge in organized retail crime, Home Depot is fighting back with new tech. The home-improvement retailer will use Bluetooth technology...

Trish: Investors Nervous Ahead of Fed Update, Though Markets Still Higher

Investors are waiting on new guidance from the Federal Reserve. Fed officials are set to conclude their two-day policy meeting on Wednesday. A statement...


Joe Biden’s Disapproval Rating at 52%

Rasmussen Reports released a new poll showing President Joe Biden's approval rating hitting a new low at 46%. 52% of Americans disapprove of him...

Was Eric Swalwell Compromised By Relationship with Chinese Spy Fang Fang?

Representative Eric Swalwell is coming under increased fire for his position on the House Intelligence Committee amid questions about his relationship with a woman...

Biden Cancels 31 Miles of Trump Border Wall Despite All Time High Crossing of Illegals

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is terminating two border barrier contracts in the Laredo Sector...

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Famed Investor Jeremy Grantham Says Stocks Are Overvalued, Fed Hasn’t Got A Clue

Billionaire investor Jeremy Grantham has come out with a dire warning for investors; stocks are overpriced by any metric and the Fed has no...

Trish: Fauci is Done. ‘He’s Going Down’

This is a rough transcript of the Trish Regan Show, July 27, 2021 and may be updated. Fauci is going down. It's official. Fauci is being referred...

Investors Sell on the News: Tesla’s Stock Lower After First $1 Billion In Quarterly Profit

Tesla managed record profits in the second quarter of 2021, beating analyst predictions and brushing away the semiconductor shortage. The company reported $1.14 billion in...

US Stocks Drop Amid Chinese Tech Stock Meltdown

U.S. stocks futures fell Tuesday amid growing concerns about the ripple effect of the Chinese tech stock crash. Chinese regulators are cracking down hard on...

Dallas Racial Justice Group Calls On Whites To Pledge Not To Send Children to Ivy League Schools

Social Justice Group calls on Whites in Dallas, Texas to "Make Sacrifices" Sent Letter to Wealthy Whites Asking Them to "Take a Pledge"...

Former Senator Barbara Boxer Assaulted, Robbed in Oakland

Former Senator Barbara Boxer, age 80, was assaulted and robbed in Oakland in broad daylight on Monday. Her office tweeted the news, writing "Earlier today...

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