‘Climate Change Spending’ May Be Axed From Dem’s Spending Plan in Effort to Curb Costs

Democrats have been hoping for months to pass through trillions of dollars in new federal spending, but as more and more voters, conservatives, and key Democratic Senators, question the spending total, one of the most favorite projects of progressives appears to be on the chopping block.

Indeed, climate change spending may be cut from the $3.5 trillion spending bill, as Dems seek $1.5 trillion in reductions.

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It’s sending panic through the rank and file of the party.

“If you care about the planet. If you care about US leadership. If you care about our children. If you care about affordable energy. If you care about our democracy. Then it’s time to mobilize. So, so much is at stake,” said Rep. Sean Casten, D-Ill., one of many Democrats to panic at the news.

The cuts come amid major concerns from Senators Joe Manchin, D-W.V., and Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., both of whom said they were unwilling to support a $3.5 trillion bill.

“An overheating economy has imposed a costly “inflation tax” on every middle- and working-class American,” Manchin wrote in a September Wall Street Journal op-ed. “At $28.7 trillion and growing, the nation’s debt has reached record levels. Over the past 18 months, we’ve spent more than $5 trillion responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Now Democratic congressional leaders propose to pass the largest single spending bill in history with no regard to rising inflation, crippling debt or the inevitability of future crises. Ignoring the fiscal consequences of our policy choices will create a disastrous future for the next generation of Americans.”

Opponents of the bill have pointed to skyrocketing national debt, rising inflation, and economic uncertainty. Those concerns have led to pressures to cut the bill down to a more acceptable size.

In particular, Manchin is taking fire from leftists for his opposition to hundreds of billions of dollars in climate change spending on a range of issues.

“I try very hard to resist doom-ism but this is testing me,” said MSNBC host Chris Hayes in response to the news.

Whether Dems can salvage the climate provisions remains to be seen.

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