Pelosi refuses to take responsibility for House losses

“I accept credit for winning the majority and holding the House,” Nancy Pelosi said at a press conference on Friday.

In the last election, Democrats lost at least 6 seats, shrinking their majority from 35 seats to at least 29. Democratic lawmakers have expressed frustration with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying that she didn’t adequately protect members from being attacked as socialists.

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“We lost a few seats. But, as I said, we won those seats in Trump districts, he wasn’t on the ballot, he is now,” Pelosi said, adding: “I do believe with Biden in the White House and a Democratic Congress and hopefully a Democratic Senate, we’ll see in January, we’ll be able to do great things for the American people.”

“As I said, we’ve lost some battles, but we won the war,” she continued. “We have the gavel. We have the gavel.”

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