Pete Buttigieg’s DOT: Women, Non-White People Are Oppressed

Department of Transportation head Pete Buttigieg has been under scrutiny for months because of the supply shortage, but now his agency is under fire for promoting racist ideology.

Fox News obtained documents showing DOT employees are given training on how they may be a part of “privileged groups” or could “targets” within “oppressed groups.” According to taxpayer-funded DOT, women, immigrants and anyone who isn’t white is “oppressed.”

Buttigieg hit on similar themes during a presidential debate in 2019.

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“As a mayor who has seen the consequences of systemic racism on my neighbors, as a person whose faith teaches me to stand with the marginalized, and as someone whose rights have been expanded by people who are like me and not like me, I’m determined to get this right,” he said.

He has struggled to receive support from minorities, a key reason his presidential campaign failed.

Instead of addressing the supply shortage or the inflation problem, the Biden administration is taking on the “oppression” by white people. Polls show, though, that the administration would be better served by focusing on the economy.

In her Friday podcast, Trish Regan pointed out these economic issues.

“People are not going back to work for a variety of reasons, including that, you know, there’s been so much stimulus,” she said. “They also didn’t spend a lot of money right during the whole COVID shutdown. So I think that a lot of people have made a conscious choice not to go back into the workforce. But when you don’t have enough workers, you have enough labor supply. How are you supposed to grow your economy? You can’t.”

Get the rest of the podcast HERE.

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