Poll: After Defunding Police, Dems are Now Worried About Crime

Democrats outraged Americans last year with their calls to “Defund Police.”

Those calls were followed by months of rioting and looting as well as major spikes in violent crime even after the riots stopped.

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Now, they may be having buyer’s remorse.

A recent Democrat poll found that over half of Democrats see crime as a major crisis.

“For Democrats, Black Americans, and Asian Americans, violent crime, the pandemic, and climate change are top crises; for Republicans, violent crime, the border, and China’s rise as a global superpower are top crises,” the poll reads.

Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal commented on this phenomenon:

For the first time, crime ranked ahead of the pandemic as the top issue for all voters. Even more surprisingly, it was an issue that voters of both parties ranked highly: 57 percent of Republicans called the issue a major crisis while 52 percent of Democrats concurred. Most significantly, 70 percent of African-American voters called violent crime a major crisis. The only other issue that drew bipartisan consensus was the spread of misinformation. Dealing with violent crime was the top issue for Republicans and independents, and the third-most important issue for Democrats.

The increased salience of crime, as the rate of homicides and other incidents of violence skyrocket across the country, is now a threat to Democrats’ congressional majorities in next year’s midterms. The party’s left-wing activists advanced “defunding the police” as a campaign slogan throughout much of 2020, without much pushback from party leaders. The moderates in the party, including Joe Biden, belatedly distanced themselves from the unpopular ideology, but didn’t condemn the movement itself. Too many lawmakers saw crime as a political vulnerability instead of a governing necessity.

He’s right. Democrats are worried they will rightfully be blamed for the surge in crime around the nation.

Now, only time will tell whether the crime can get under control or it will get worse, and Democrats will be left to blame.

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