Poll: Americans Are Concerned About The Supply Chain Problems And Shortages

New polling numbers show that Americans have taken notice of the supply chain difficulties — and, they’re holding the federal government responsible.

Rasmussen released new poll data this week showing that the overwhelming majority are concerned about the issue.

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“Problems affecting the U.S. supply chain have a majority of Americans concerned, as they are already noticing shortages in stores, and they expect the federal government to take action to solve the crisis,” the group said.

“A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports and Human Events finds that 85% of American Adults are concerned that supply chain problems may lead to shortages of basic items, including 49% who say they are Very Concerned. Only 11% are not concerned about the problem.”

Indeed, the majority of Americans also say they have noticed a shortage of some kind in their own areas.

“Concerns have grown amid reports that dozens of cargo ships are waiting to be unloaded near the port of Los Angeles, while thousands of cargo containers are piled up in the port of Savannah,” Rasmussen said. “Sixty-two percent (62%) of Americans say they’ve already noticed shortages of basic items in stores where they live, while 30% say they haven’t noticed shortages.”

The White House has tried to address the issue, but so far it has not been tackled.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki addressed the issue at the White House briefing Thursday:

So, the reason that the President has been working so hard for months — long before the last few weeks — to address supply-chain issues is because he knows — he knew they were multifaceted and that they were impacting a lot of different industries.

I know you’re asking about shipments and the shipment and movement of goods. And obviously, the announcement today related to the ports is a reflection of action taken by the President, by this administration to — to have an immediate impact. Obviously, there’s more that we will continue to press to be done as we’re looking to increase the shipment of goods moving more quickly. That’s one of the — one of the bottlenecks in the supply chain that will help address those concerns people have.

Look, we — I can’t make a prediction from you — for you that we’re going to solve every issue tomorrow and next week; we’re not. We’re coming out of an economic crisis caused by a pandemic. But what we are doing is working to — using every tool at our disposal to ease the impact on the American people, ease the impact on families as we look to the holidays, but certainly beyond that.

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