Poll: Americans Only Trust One Media Outlet

Newly released polling data shows that Americans only trust one media outlet.

Which one?

The Weather Channel.

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A new poll from YouGov found that the news media has largely lost the trust of the American people.

From the poll:

YouGov asked 1,500 Americans where they get their news from and how much they trust a variety of prominent media organizations and news anchors. The poll, conducted from March 26 – 29, shows that while Americans are more likely to trust than distrust many prominent news sources, there are very few organizations that are trusted by more than a small proportion of Americans on both sides of the political aisle. In fact, the most Americans overall place trust in an organization that rarely covers domestic politics: the Weather Channel (52% of Americans trust it). The Weather Channel is trailed by the U.K. news outlet, BBC (39%), the national public broadcaster, PBS (41%), and The Wall Street Journal (37%).

Political news networks like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News received negative ratings overall, but no American news outlet received glowing marks.

CNN was rated the most polarizing.

From the poll:

The most politically polarizing media outlet is CNN, a cable news outfit that has been a frequent target for Donald Trump. Nearly two-thirds of Democrats (66%) rate CNN as trustworthy, compared to 11% of Republicans, a 55-point difference, larger than for any other outlet. The second-largest partisan difference, 49 points, is for news coming from The New York Times: 63% of Democrats trust the outlet, whereas 14% of Republicans do.

Democrats, generally, are more trusting of any mainstream news outlet. The exception is Fox News, which 53% of Republicans trust, compared to 19% of Democrats. Republican trust in Fox News is down slightly from when we asked in 2020 (57%), and the share of Democrats who trust it is up slightly (from 15%). Republicans are also more trusting than Democrats of other right-leaning news outlets such as Newsmax (41% vs. 15%), Breitbart (25% vs. 12%), and One America News (30% vs. 17%). While Newsmax and Breitbart were not polled about by YouGov in our 2020 poll, that survey indicates that Republican trust in OAN has risen 6 points from 24% in the last two years.

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