Poll: Americans Worried About Biden’s Inflation Amid Big Infrastructure Spend

Inflation has spiked during President Joe Biden’s administration, and it’s expected to move higher in the coming months amid the government’s plan for trillions more federal spending.

Voters, according to one new poll, are increasingly uneasy with escalating prices.


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According to new poll released by No Labels found that 57% of voters “do not want Washington spending a total of $4.7 trillion on infrastructure, climate change, and social welfare programs and a supermajority is concerned this level of spending could hurt them directly in the form of runaway inflation, higher taxes down the line, lower economic growth or negative impacts on their family’s finances.”

From the results:

  • Although a supermajority (72%) of voters are for the bipartisan infrastructure plan, 76% don not want its passage linked in any way to the separate social spending plan.
  • A majority (61%) say a separate social spending bill should be passed only if it has two-party support.

Inflation has more than doubled under Biden’s leadership to 5.4%. That increase has made voters wary of additional big ticket spending proposals, which are funded by printing more money, which increases inflation.

No Labels said the poll destroys the political narratives, particularly around the infrastructure bill passed Tuesday.

“Democratic party leaders are telling their members that voters will reward them for signing on for $4+ trillion in new spending and that they don’t care if it’s passed on a party-line basis,” the group said. “Some Republican leaders are telling their members voters will reward them for obstructing it all. But 12,673 voters in 33 congressional districts are saying something very different. They are saying they DO want the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill passed. They are saying they ARE open to more social spending, BUT they want it done the right way, with two-party support and they aren’t comfortable with the spending levels many Democrats are pushing. That’s what the voters are saying.”

Republicans pounced on the poll, pointing out the negative impact “Bidenflation” is having with voters, and how it could back to haunt him in the midterm elections.

“The American people are rightly concerned that Democrats’ reckless spending will lead to higher taxes and higher prices for everyday goods,” said National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Mike Berg.

Whether Biden can get inflation under control remains to be seen. If he doesn’t, the evidence suggests a reckoning at the ballot box is around the corner.

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