Poll Means Bad News For Hyper Liberal Gavin Newsom

Embattled California Governor Gavin Newsom has fought off an unending wave of criticism for his many mistakes as governor.

Now, it looks like the people of his home state are taking notice.

A Berkley IGS Poll found California voters are split on Newsom’s recall election, bad news for the incumbent governor. (Story continues below.)

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“The latest Berkeley IGS Poll finds that the proportion of voters in the overall electorate who favor recalling Governor Gavin Newsom has not changed much over the past year,” the group said.

“At present 36% of the state’s registered voters say that if voting in the recall election they would vote ‘Yes’ to recall the Governor, while 51% would vote ‘No’ to retain him.However, the election will be decided not by the overall electorate, but by only those who choose to take part in the recall. And, when the voting preferences of those considered most likely to participate are examined, the outcome becomes much closer, with 47% favoring Newsom’s recall and 50% favoring his retention.”

This is an increase in support from recalling the governor from previous polls. A key reason experts think Newsom could be unseated is that Republicans are passionate about removing him while Democrats are more ambivalent about keeping him.

Newsom’s bad luck began when he was caught eating at one of his state’s fanciest restaurants while he chided his state’s resident to stay indoors due to COVID. His shutdown cost jobs while he went out to eat.

His COVID policies have continued to be a source of controversy.

“Democrats, at least in the middle of July, almost unanimously believed that Newsom will defeat the recall. I think that may be contributing to some complacency among those voters. Republicans, on the other hand, are confident that they can turn out the governor,” Mark DiCamillo told the Los Angeles Times, which co-sponsored the poll. “I think the Newsom campaign really has to light a fire among the Democrats and say, ‘Look, the outcome is in jeopardy unless you get out there and vote.’”

Bad Day for Gavin Newsom: Larry Elder Wins Court Challenge to Participate in Recall

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