POLL: Republicans Seen As More Trustworthy On Security, Prosperity By Record Margin

Amid a series of economic and international challenges, Democratic poll numbers have continued to drop this year, and now, new polling shows Republicans are viewed by the general population as being more trustworthy.

Gallup released new poll data showing that Americans prefer Republicans 54% to Democrats’ 39% on who is better for handling terrorism and security. The poll also found Americans prefer Republicans 50% to 41% for “ensuring prosperity.”

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“The 15-percentage-point GOP advantage on security matters is its largest since 2015, while its nine-point edge on prosperity is its largest since 2014,” Gallup said.

“Last year, the GOP had a narrow advantage on international matters while the parties were essentially tied on economic matters. More of this change has come from declines in Americans perceiving the Democratic Party as better on these issues than from increases for the Republican Party. Meanwhile, the public is narrowly divided (41% Republican Party, 38% Democratic Party) as to which party can better handle whichever issue it deems the most important facing the country. Americans most commonly name the coronavirus pandemic or the government itself as the most important problem.”

Democrats’ poor poll numbers come amidst moreĀ mandates, soaring inflation, the deadly withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, a weakening border, and several trillion in proposed spending and tax hikes, among other issues.

Gallup polling confirmed the role of those concerns in its research, presenting a big problem for the party heading into 2022.

“The survey was conducted just after the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and amid heightened numbers of coronavirus infections and a weaker-than-expected U.S. employment report,” Gallup said. “The 39% of Americans saying the Democratic Party will do a better job in the next few years of protecting the U.S. from terrorism and other international threats is down significantly from 46% last year. At the same time, there has been a smaller increase in the percentage of U.S. adults perceiving the Republican Party as better in this area, from 50% to 54%.”

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