Project Veritas Founder Says He’s Suing Twitter, CNN For Defamation

The founder of Project Veritas, a conservative journalist foundation with a self-described “guerrilla” style approach to news, announced plans to sue Twitter and CNN on Thursday.

James O’Keefe said that Twitter’s permanent suspension of his account, along with the company’s allegation that he was was operating false accounts is, in fact, defamation.

According to O’Keefe, Twitter was “falsely and maliciously complaining that I did something that I did not do.”

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Speaking in an interview with Fox New’s Sean Hannity, O’Keefe said, “I stared this [organization] because I was fighting against injustice. It’s wrong what they’re doing. They defame people every day.” He added, “we’re going to get discovery into twitter and we are going to file a complaint on Monday. …We will win.”

O’Keefe also highlighted the timing of his Twitter suspension pointing out that his account was cancelled just after “we released all these bombshell recordings on CNN. It’s pretty extraordinary timing.”

This week, Project Veritas released a series of undercover videos in which CNN employees were caught on camera talking about how the network intentionally tries to influence the narrative that the public hears.

O’Keefe’s attorney, Harmeet Dillion, also appeared with him on the program. She agreed on the timing saying, “It is no accident that the devastating critique that came out on CNN day after day this week resulted in the censorship and permanent suspension of this voice. It’s a cartel type behavior.”


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