Putin’s War May Be Here To Stay: War Crimes Investigator

Trish Regan spoke to David Falt, Founder of Preventive Diplomacy on her latest podcast, and he raised some major issues that could affect every American as we confront the brutality of Russia.

Falt said the West is underestimating Russian President Vladimir Putin and misjudging him. He said that this conflict likely won’t be over anytime soon.

“I think we in the West we’re making a few assumptions, mistakes. We’re making the assumption that Putin is irrational,” Falt said. “I think there is absolutely nothing irrational behind his behavior. I think this is just the way they operate. The reason we think its irrational is that he doesn’t play according to the same rules as a normal, functioning country does. He has taken his country down a trajectory that is, you know, it’s very, very different from from any type of normal governance.”

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Regan and Falt also discussed whether the violence could grow to a situation such as the world saw in Syria.

“I mean, you can’t we don’t want another Aleppo, and I think it’s it’s pretty sad that that that was allowed to happen as well as Chechnya and kind of the world to sort of look the other way,” Trish Regan said. “What’s different?”

“To be frank with you, now it’s white people that look exactly like you and me and our kids that are getting slaughtered. And it’s just, basically, four hours drive away from a major EU NATO country,” Falt explained.

He also said current sanctions from the U.S. will have little effect.

“I think our past experience with with sanctions and in in in order to change events on the ground tells us that they are pretty toothless,” he said. “I mean, Venezuela is a great example where a very comprehensive sanctions regime was put in place, the whole, you know, effect regime change. And yet Maduro wasn’t ousted, and nothing happened. With that, [the sanctions] have outlived their purpose. The same with Cuba, etc. And sanctions in this type of situation, when Putin is, you know, bombing a country, it’s not affecting his daughters. It’s not affecting him that much as I don’t think it will change the trajectory of the conflict.”

But, there is a way sanctions could work…

Listen here to find out how. (Interview begins at 6 minute mark.)

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