Defense Contractor Tells White Employees To “Step Aside” For Minorities

According to newly leaked documents, the nation’s second largest defense contractor has  joined the woke bandwagon.

Raytheon has allegedly launched an “anti-racism” program that, among numerous things, apparently told white employees to “step aside” in favor of minority employees. They were also told to “decolonize your bookshelf, identify your privilege” and, participate in reparation.

Journalist Christopher Rufo claims to have obtained “a trove of documents” from a corporate whistleblower at a defense contractor Raytheon. The documents detail a 2020 workshop that was supposedly intended to make Raytheon’s employees more “anti-racist.”

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According to the journalist that broke the story, these workshops drew heavily on critical race theory, a divisive idea that pits minorities against “straight white males” according to Rufo.

“The company argues that white, straight, Christian, able-bodied, English-speaking men are at the top of the intersectional hierarchy—and must work on ‘recognizing [their] privilege’ and ‘step aside’ in favor of other identity groups,” the Rufo writes.

Woke Manual  

The leaks include a manual called “Stronger Together,” which is apparently meant to coach its employees on “Becoming an Anti-Racist Today.”

The manual teaches contains references to “woke” concepts such as “intersectionality” and “microaggressions.”

From the manual: “Be a change agent by calling out microaggressions and other racist behavior when you witness them.”

It also calls for rejecting equality of opportunity in favor of equality of outcome.

“Equality is a noble goal. Equal treatment and access to opportunities help each of us perform our best within a shared set of parameters. But we really need to be striving for equity, where we focus on the equality of the outcome, not the equality of the experience by taking individual needs and skills into account,” the manual writes.

Raytheon is one of the largest defense contractors in the U.S. The company is valued at $131.36 billion, $85.45 per share.

The leaked manual can be found here.

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