Rep. Nunes: Time to Replace California Gov. Newsom

“We have this recall effort going on,” responded Rep. Devin Nunes when asked at CPAC 2021 if he saw any glimmer of hope for the Golden State.

“So it’s going to be fascinating to see how this is going to work, because essentially there’s there’s two questions. One is, do you want to recall Newsom, yes or no?” continued Nunes. “The second question is, anybody who wants to run can can be on the ballot and run.”

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“So Republicans, Democrats, independents, and it’s essentially so if if the answer is yes to recall, then you have to vote, who would you want to replace Newsom with?”

“What we’re going to do as conservatives, we’re going to have to rally behind one candidate. There’s a lot of good candidates that are talking about it right now. At the end of the day, when it comes time to push this, we’re going to have to really rally behind one. We’re going to those candidates will have to work it out. They need to get out and campaign and rally behind one.

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