Rep. Ronny Jackson: Joe Biden should ‘get a cognitive test done’

“Nobody from the press is saying … he should be evaluated for his cognitive ability or lack thereof,” Dr. Ronny Jackson, the incoming Texas congressman and former White House physician to President Trump, told Fox News.

“And so I just thought it was a huge double standard with regards to President Trump and Biden. … If they want to be consistent, they should be jumping up and down right and demanding that Vice President Biden get a cognitive test done.”

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“I think there’s something going on there. I honestly do, and I’m not making a diagnosis. He’s not my patient. I never took care of him in the White House,” Jackson said. “I’ve never examined him. But I was around him a lot … He’s always made a few gaffes here and there. But this is different.”

“Some people age gracefully, some people don’t … in my opinion … it’s age-related that it’s showing. He’s older and he’d be the oldest president we’ve ever had.”

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