Republican States Rejecting Biden’s Handouts See Significant Job Gains

Apparently, tough love actually works… in economics, that is.

Five key conservative states recently chose to do away with Biden’s handouts and the results are impressive.

In fact, if the nation were to adapt these state’s policies, it’s quite possible the unemployment rate would soon be 3%, the Fed would finally begin tapering (and even raising rates!) and the economic recovery would be a done deal–without excessive federal spending.

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According to data in a new report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment in Republican states doing away with federal unemployment benefits is far lower than their blue state counterparts.

Consider the numbers: in April, Hawaii had the highest unemployment rate at 8.5%, followed by California (8.3%), New Mexico (8.2%), New York (8.2%), and Connecticut (8.1%).

In all five of these states, Democrats control the Senate, the House and the governorship.

Five states with the lowest unemployment were Nebraska, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Utah (all at 2.8%) and Vermont at 2.9%. All of these states have a Republican governor, and excluding Vermont, a Republican House and State Senate as well.

Despite some recent positive economic indicators, the recovery is threatened by a serious labor shortage as employers struggle to find willing workers.

To counter this labor shortage, 22 Republican states have announced that they will cut access to Biden’s unemployment benefits.


Conservatives blame generous relief packages for the labor shortage, arguing that people are making a rational choice to stay home instead of looking for work.

Data shows they might be right; Job search site Indeed reported increased clicks in states which announced cuts to benefits.

Think about this: If all states were like Nebraska, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Utah or Vermont, the recovery would already be over and the economy would be firing on all cylinders once again. Importantly, the Fed would no longer be able to justify its stimulus and would have to stop debasing the dollar.

Moral of the story? Perhaps the only stimulus the economy needs is the government getting out of the way.

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