Republicans Demand Hearing On Border Crisis

The influx of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border has exploded, and Republicans are demanding action.

A group of Republicans on two oversight committees sent a letter to their Democratic counterparts demanding a hearing on the border crisis.

“This mounting crisis is leading to longstanding consequences for our country. Without border enforcement, our national security and rule of law are threatened. Our Committee needs to conduct oversight to bring transparency and accountability to this escalating crisis. Not only is ICE operating as an ‘unofficial travel coordination agency,’ but it is also releasing criminal illegal immigrants into our local communities…” the Republicans wrote. “The Biden Administration’s release policies only exacerbate the crisis at our southwest border. Month after month, we witness record levels of encounters, overwhelming our hardworking Border Patrol agents and negatively impacting border communities.”

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According to federal data, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol had about 2 million encounters will illegal immigrants in 2021, a major increase from years past.

“Given this reality, it is unacceptable that Committee Democrats have failed to hold a single hearing on the Biden Administration’s immigration and border security policies. This is despite repeated requests from Committee Republicans,” the Republicans wrote. “It is imperative that the Committee conduct oversight of the ongoing southwest border crisis and the Administration’s migrant release policies, including taxpayer-funded transportation of these migrants,” continued the Republican lawmakers. “We renew our request for a public and in-person hearing with witnesses from the Department of Homeland Security, including ICE, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Refugee Resettlement. We should no longer allow the Biden Administration to hide behind black tarps and midnight skies.”

Want more? Check out Trish Regan’s podcast HERE.

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