Republicans Warn About Biden’s Proposed ‘Army Of Auditors’

As President Joe Biden promises to help fund trillions in federal spending by beefing up the auditing department at the Internal Revenue Service, Republicans worry that this “army of auditors” could be government expansion with negative consequences.

“While Democrats seek to give the IRS a blank check to build an army of IRS auditors, Republicans want to pass taxpayer protections and restore trust in government,” the House Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee said in a statement.

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That committee announced a hearing later this month called, “Weaponization of the IRS: A Sordid History and the Need for Taxpayer Protections.”

“The meeting will highlight the efforts of congressional Democrats to nearly double the size of the IRS with a massive funding increase while doing nothing to address the weaponization of the IRS, including the massive, criminal leak of taxpayer information to ProPublica in June of this year,” the committee said. “Republicans will discuss their alternative approach to improving the IRS while protecting taxpayers in the process.”

Biden has proposed spending $80 billion in funding so the IRS can hire more auditors. He projects that the revenue from these hires will far exceed the $80 billion spent, though those federal estimates can sometimes fall far short of initial predictions.

Witnesses for the committee hearing will include, Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice. According to the committee, he is “a key advocate who represented numerous tea party groups targeted by the IRS for their political beliefs during the Lois Lerner era.”

Also testifying is Bunni Pounds, President of Christians Engaged & Lea Patterson of First Liberty. He works at the gropu, Christians Engaged, represented by First Liberty, which was targeted by the IRS for its Biblical values earlier this year. The IRS later overturned their previous ruling and allowed the group to receive tax exempt status.

“These witnesses will be able to discuss the real-world impact of political targeting at the IRS and the chilling effect it can have on Americans across the country,” the committee said.

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