Revolt! Trish Regan Breaks Down The House Speaker Chaos

House Republicans are divided and grappling over who will lead their party, and Trish Regan is breaking it all down on her podcast.

Listen here:

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Trish Regan broke it all down on her podcast, laying out the “chaos the Republican party is in.”

“Multiple rounds of voting. This has not happened since 1923,” Trish Regan said on her podcast. “I want to get to business of the day, which is changing by the minute. This has been such a volatile situation…I thought we’d have a House Speaker by now, but here we are…”

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., has lost time and time again in his bid for House Speaker, leaving the spot unfilled and the future of the Republican party this Congress uncertain.

“The idea here is that somehow they are going to stay until they win…but I don’t know,” Trish Regan said. “A lot of different names have been floated. You have Rep. Andy Biggs as one of the big opponents in the first round. Matt Gaetz of course has been a very vocal opponent of McCarthy as well. He nominated Rep. Jim Jordan, the Ohio Republican, who does actually support McCarthy

Rep. Byron Donalds took up the opposition mantle on Wednesday. More votes are expected today unless the House adjourns.

“And on and on it goes,” Trish added. “This is going to be a true mess for the Republicans because it speaks to the division within the party, and this struggle over the Speakership is the crowning moment of that struggle…”


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