Rick Scott Blasts CNN On CRT: ‘Parents Aren’t Dumb… They Can See It’

Florida Senator Rick Scott pushed back on CNN host Brianna Keilar Monday over whether or not critical race theory (CRT) was currently being taught in Virginia public schools.

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Keilar repeatedly interrupted Scott declaring that CRT was not in Virginia’s school curriculum. “Just to be clear, it’s not in the curriculum in Virginia,” Keilar said.

“Brianna, here, let me just read you a few things. In 2015, while Terry McAuliffe was governor, the Virginia Department of Education promoting incorporating a critical race theory lens in education. You can still find it on the Department of Education’s website. Still there,” Scott retorted. “In February 2019, a superintendent memo to the Virginia Department of Education promoting critical race theory and the idea of White fragility.”

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