Ron DeSantis’ Right Hand Woman Speaks Out On Federal Vaccine Mandates

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has become a major ally for Ron DeSantis in the fight against vaccine mandates in the Sunshine State

She spoke at a rally with DeSantis saying mandates of the vaccine “will not be tolerated.”

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“Think about it,” Moody said. “We are in the United States of America, the free states of America, and we have folks having to upload documentation into databases because of the mandates of this federal government. It will not be tolerated in Florida or accepted.”

The comments come after she pledged to stand up for first responders who face losing their jobs for not complying with mandates.

“These local politicians are abusing their authority and trying to ruin the careers of so many of our courageous firefighters,” she said. “While local leaders may be turning their backs on first responders, I will not. I am proud to stand with Orange County firefighters, and I want all of Florida’s first responders to know that they have an Attorney General who will fight for them.”

DeSantis has backed Moody up in this fight.

“Florida’s brave first responders have been on the front lines every day, and local governments tossing them aside based on a personal health decision is unconscionable and illegal,” he said. “We will exhaust every legal option to protect our first responders. I want to thank Attorney General Moody for continuing to uphold the law in our state.”

Moody has begun legal actions to prevent negative consequences of the mandates.

“Attorney General Moody filed the brief in Florida’s Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in Orange County,” her office said. “The brief outlines the public safety threat that could be created by the local vaccine requirement. The nation, including Florida, is experiencing shortages in the ranks of first responders. The resulting shortages could lead to longer wait times during emergency situations, as outlined in the Attorney General’s brief.”

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