San Francisco Mayor Blames Trump for Pelosi’s Hair Appointment

In the arena of insane news that really belongs on a satire site, San Francisco’s Mayor London Breed is attempting to redirect the heat being leveled on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her quasi-illegal hair appointment and refusal to wear a mask… on President Trump.

Pelosi, for her part, claims she was “set up” and wasn’t aware that local regulations did not permit personal grooming procedures indoors. She also asked, “Who wears a mask when they’re getting their hair washed?” (For the record… everyone! At least, where it’s mandated. I was at a hair salon on Wednesday in New England where I wore one because local ordinances require it.)

The Marie Antoinette of the House…a “let them eat ice cream” style politician, says she is owed an apology…and Mayor Breed is rushing to her defense, telling a reporter in a radio interview this week that, “Nancy Pelosi has done so much for this city and even this country and in the midst of this pandemic and all the stuff that’s happening amidst this election, she is in Washington, D.C., fighting against a tyrant every day.”

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A tyrant. So, that must mean she’s entitled to get her hair done while the rest of the salons in the city aren’t allowed to open?

The mayor continued, “We need to be focused on the issues and the fact that over 180,000 people have died in this country and we have a president that continues to divide us.”

And that wasn’t all…

“It’s really unfortunate with everything happening in this country, with the fact that we basically have a dictator in charge of running this country,” London insisted.

I’m sorry, who’s the dictator? Too much…!

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