Schumer: Republican State Legislatures are Opening Door for Trump to Subvert Our Elections

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) warned in a Senate speech on Tuesday that Republican legislatures are “making it harder to vote early, harder to vote by mail, harder to vote after work.”

CHUCK SCHUMER:  They’re making it a crime to give food or water to voters waiting in long lines.

They’re trying to make it harder for Black churchgoers to vote on Sunday.

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And they’re actually making it easier for un-elected judges and partisan election boards to overturn the results of an election, opening the door for some demagogue, a Trumpian type demagogue, maybe he himself, to try and subvert our elections in the very same way that Trump tried to do in 2020.

Republicans say these laws are about “election integrity.” They claim they’re only trying to “secure the vote.” Some of my Republican friends here in Washington have resorted to the old refrain that election laws are best left to the states, ignoring the fact that for generations, we in Congress have passed federal election laws and Constitutional amendments to prevent exactly this kind of discrimination and voter suppression.

We all know what these laws are about. I daresay my Republican colleagues know. They’re not stupid.

When the state of Texas proposes to limit voting hours on Sundays to only a few hours in the evening, do they really believe that’s about preventing fraud? Do my Senate friends want to back up that kind of thing? Prevent it even from being talked about here on the floor of the Senate?

When Georgia Republicans say it’s a crime to give a voter some water or food as they wait in line in a hot day, do they really think they’re preventing voter fraud by denying them a snack?

Give me a break. Republicans across the country are deliberately targeting all the ways that younger, poorer, non-white, and typically Democratic voters access the ballot.

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