Seb Gorka: I Didn’t Believe ‘Deep State’ Was Real, Until I Joined Trump Admin

Dr. Sebastian Gorka told his story on ‘The Deep State,’ and how many of his coworkers, confidants and friends were targeted criminally over nothing more than their political allegiance.

“I didn’t believe there was such a thing as the deep state, I thought it was a conspiracy theory,” said Gorka on his show “The Gorka Reality Check” on NewsMax on Sunday. “But just a few weeks into my time in the Trump administration, I realized it wasn’t just a theory, it wasn’t a conspiracy, it was real.”

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“And it’s personal to me because of what the FBI and the CIA and the intelligence community have been turned into by the Obama administration and then the Biden administration. Before I joined the White House. I spent many, many years traveling America, teaching for the FBI, teaching law enforcement, on threats such as al-Qaida and how to understand and defeat groups like ISIS.”

“When I came into the White House, I thought they would be part of the team to make America great again, serve the American people that elected my boss, Donald Trump, into the highest position in the land. But that wasn’t to be. Instead, they targeted my colleagues, my superiors and my friends, including General Mike Flynn, a man who has served this nation for decades, who ended up as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, who was framed by Obama holdovers for years, had a sword of Damocles hanging over him and only finally to become a free man, thanks to Donald Trump. But it wasn’t just what happened to Mike, It was too many people targeted for exclusively political reasons by people who were proud of what they were doing.”

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