Sen. Blackburn: Media Treatment of Judge Barrett is ‘Religious Bigotry’

“It is so amazing to me how the media has one way to respond to liberal women and another way to respond to conservative women,” said Sen. Marsha Blackburn on ‘Fox News @ Night’ on Monday. “And there is no viewpoint diversity that is welcome when it comes to the mainstream media and the left. And when you look at the treatment, if they are already dishing out on Judge Amy Coney Barrett and what that you’re saying about her, it is religious bigotry.”

“They are saying this woman who takes her children to church every week, that that is they see it as a disqualifier in some regards. You would think that, say, are aiming to have only atheist or secularist,” continued Blackburn. “It is really disappointing to hear what they are saying about the adoptions of these children from Haiti… is just despicable behavior.”

Blackburn explained that the left is afraid of Judge Barrett because they think that this Judge will block “their ability to put in place a socialized medicine, taking your health care, your health insurance away and replacing it with a Medicaid system.”

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“They’re afraid that this Judge would block their ability to do the Green New Deal,” continued Blackburn.

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