Sen. Graham: If Biden Gives Amnesty, We’ll Have a “Human Tsunami” in Our Border

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham railed at journalists at a briefing at southern border on illegal immigration and Joe Biden’s administration policies.

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“Instead of asking a Republican or Democrat, would you ask the people in charge of policing the border what the problem is rather than making a political statement and a question, why don’t you walk right over there and ask the guy what the hell happened? responded to a question from the media Graham.

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“So why don’t you do your job as a reporter and ask the professionals what the hell has happened in the last couple of months? And they will tell you they told the Biden administration, if you do what you’re planning, we’re going to lose control of the border,” continued Graham.

“I voted for every comprehensive immigration bill that’s ever come out of the United States Senate. It is impossible for me to sit down with [Sen.] Dick Durbin and to go straight any solution to people already here because if you’d be legalizing one person, until you fix this problem, you’re going to have a human tsunami.”


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