Senate Republicans: Brace Yourself For Thanksgiving Prices

Rising prices from nationwide inflation have Americans concerned about the rising cost of everything from the gas in their car to the turkey on their table.

Several Senate Republicans held a press conference to warn Americans that they are going to be feeling the pain when it comes to holiday prices this year.

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“Thanksgiving is going to be the most expensive on record [and] more families will face unaffordable heating bills, more expensive groceries [and] higher prices at the pump this winter,” said Sen. Rick Scott, R-Mich. “This is Joe Biden’s America. Democrats’ reckless, inflation-fueling spending spree must end.”

Consumer prices have risen more than 6% in the last twelve months, with many goods like gasoline and vegetable oil experiencing much higher price hikes.

“With regard to inflation, this will be the most expensive Thanksgiving for the American people in the history of the country,” said Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo. “Who would have believed that in just 10 months, Joe Biden could take us to a 30 year record high of inflation?”

Scott also points out that seniors are being hit hard by the rising costs.

“Here’s my question for Joe Biden and Democrats: who is your reckless spending and socialist agenda helping?” he said. “It’s clearly not families on fixed incomes, like mine growing up, struggling to keep up with inflation and put food on the table with higher and higher costs. It’s definitely not our businesses facing higher costs and a supply chain crisis fueled by Biden’s failed policies and unconstitutional vaccine mandates. And it’s obviously NOT our seniors depending on Medicare who will be left paying HUNDREDS more for the care they need. We need to be LOWERING health care and drug prices and strengthening this vital program for seniors and future generations, not crippling the system and leaving families to pay the cost. It’s now clearer than ever that Democrats don’t care who pays the price for their liberal wish list, they have their blinders on, following Bernie Sanders’ socialist lead on an all-or-nothing multi trillion dollar tax-and-spending spree. I came to Washington to FIGHT for our seniors. We cannot allow this to move forward.”

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