Senator: Biden Must Resign

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., sparked headlines over the weekend for blasting Biden’s handling of the southern border. Now she’s calling for him to resign, pointing to his alleged lying about the Afghanistan withdrawal.

“Biden lied when he told Stephanopoulos no one advised him against his timeline-based withdrawal,” she said. “His recklessness resulted in the deaths of 13 US servicemembers and abandonment of countless citizens & allies. Biden can’t avoid the consequences of his actions.”

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The comments came as top military leaders testified before Congress this week about the chaotic and deadly withdrawal.

“He must resign,” she added.

The Senator’s comments come just days after she suggested every U.S. town was at risk of becoming like a “border town” under Biden.

“I think the thing we’re hearing most about in my office right now is what is going on with the southern border,” Sen. Blackburn said on New York WABC 770 AM ‘The Cats Roundtable.’

“Because it is amazing that we see this president with his decisions turning every town into a border town and every state into a border state…I think that with people watching what is happening, seeing that footage, and then hearing from these families of the Border Patrol and many of the Border Patrol themselves about their concerns that they now realize this is a humanitarian crisis, a health crisis, an environmental crisis, and, of course, a national security crisis. Tennesseans look at this, and then they tell me they feel like that this is intentional. This is Biden’s border policy, and it’s not a border security policy or a homeland security policy — it is an open border policy.”

The news cycle has become a series of challenges for Biden, who took fire for a gathering of nearly 15,000 Haitian immigrants at the border town of Del Rio. The Biden administration took several days to deal with the problem, and media reports indicated that many of those migrants were later released into the U.S.

Meanwhile, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported that more than 200,000 illegal immigrants were encountered at the southern border last month alone, more than double months earlier this year and the highest figure in years.


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