Spare Change? Fleeing Texas Dems Ask For Food Donations

Texas Democrats sparked controversy when the fled their home state to avoid voting on measures to shore up election integrity after questions and chaos following the 2020 November elections.

Since hopping on the plane maskless and catching COVID, the Dems have drawn more incriminating headlines.

Now, they’re at it again. (Story continues below.)

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The Texas Democrats are under fire now for asking for care packages.

“Our Dems in DC said they’d appreciate care packages from home,” Dallas Democrats said on Twitter. “Before 5pm Tues, we’re collecting Dr. Pepper, salsa, hard candy, hairspray, travel toiletries, hand sanitizers, sewing kits, first aid, and/ or $ to pay shipping. TY!”

Of course, the request took major criticism from those on the right.

“Hahahaha!” said Dinesh D’Souza on Twitter. “These enemies of democracy are pretending like they are in Iraq or Afghanistan. The only ‘care package’ they deserve is a pair of handcuffs delivered to them upon their return.”

The “handcuffs” comment refers to the threat by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott that the Dems would be arrested and taken to the Capitol for the vote as soon as they land in Texas.

Gov. Abbott has blasted the Dems for leaving the state, a move that has been a source of national headlines and controversy.

“Texas Democrats’ decision to break a quorum of the Texas Legislature and abandon the Texas State Capitol inflicts harm on the very Texans who elected them to serve,” Gov. Abbott said. “As they fly across the country on cushy private planes, they leave undone issues that can help their districts and our state.”

Whether Gov. Abbott follows through on his threat to arrest the Democrats remains to be seen.

“The Democrats must put aside partisan political games and get back to the job they were elected to do,” he said. “Their constituents must not be denied these important resources simply because their elected representative refused to show up to work.”

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