Stephen Colbert Compares Taliban To Jan. 6

Late night liberal talk show hosts are known for some of the most ridiculous, and often stupid, hot takes in all of media.

Sometimes the quick witted comics step out of their depth and into a subject matter that should be left to those that are more serious.

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It seems one late night talk show host has made a similar error, and now he’s taking fire for it.

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert sparked controversy for comparing the Taliban to the Jan. protests earlier this year where some stormed the Capitol. (Subscribe to Trish Regan’s Podcast here. Story continues below.)

“We’ve had troops there for 20 years. They fought. They sacrificed. Their families sacrificed so that we wouldn’t have a terrorist attack in America planned in a foreign country. Why should our soldiers be fighting radicals in a Civil War in Afghanistan?” he said. “We’ve got our own on Capitol Hill.”

While most Americans oppose those who damaged Capitol property, they very likely would not compare them to a radical Islamic terrorist group that kills nonbelievers and oppresses women.

Colbert did go on to blast Biden, pointing out that now the equipment and weapons the U.S. provided to the Afghan army has fallen into the hands of the Taliban. Billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars on vehicles, arms, ammunition and more now is being used by the terrorist regime to oppress and kill anyone who stands in their path.

“Then Biden pointed out the U.S. did everything we could for the Afghans. Just a thought. Maybe we should have checked with the Afghan army if they had the will to fight before we gave them the tools and the weapons. Because now the Taliban has the will and the weapons and the former Afghan army soldiers are at home rubbing miracle grow on their face trying to squeeze out a beard by dawn. In the end, Biden argued that whenever we pulled out the Taliban would have taken over.”

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